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Daniel-Scott Recruitment trialling new working hours

Marketing Team

26 Apr 2024

Changing the standard recruitment working week

Daniel-Scott Recruitment are changing the way their working week looks, to benefit everyone!

Currently trialling a flexible working week, which is giving staff time off during the standard working day to do what makes them happy!

Managing Director, Lucy Cashmore said “I have worked in the recruitment industry for many years. The long working day/week has almost always been to the detriment of my family life or even my own health, and this is something I want to change.”

She said, “the is not always a need to be at our desks at 8am – 5pm and then have candidate calls or customer check in’s etc of an evening as well, so why not break the day up so that it benefits employees, candidates, customers – it’s a win win!”

By working smarter rather than harder, this is giving time back to the employee during the standard working day to do the school runs, or go for a gym session, pop to the shops or even personal appointments.

Becky Kells, Branch Manager said “As a working Mum in recruitment, I have always resigned myself to the fact that I don’t get to do the school runs, or I need holidays to go and watch my kids in a play etc, but by doing it the new way I don’t have to, I can do both! I have felt more productive and less stressed in both work and family life”.

She said, “it’s saved me money on childcare too, which is always a good thing!”

Founded in June 2020, Daniel-Scott Recruitment specialise in the contact centre, sales, marketing, admin and industrial/engineering sectors across the UK.

Offering a bespoke, consultative approach with expert advice to present the best candidates to great employers.

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