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Lucy volunteers to improve careers education for young people

7 Dec 2023

Director Lucy Cashmore has signed up to help improve careers education for young people by becoming a Black Country Careers Hub volunteer enterprise adviser.

Daniel-Scott Recruitment director Lucy Cashmore has signed up to help improve careers education for young people by becoming a volunteer enterprise adviser with the Black Country Careers Hub. 

By working with careers and education leaders, Lucy will help to build connections between employers and education institutions to improve young people’s careers prospects in the West Midlands. 

Lucy explained: “The point of volunteering as an enterprise adviser is to create a collaboration between young people, education and the workplace in order to generate and raise awareness of opportunities in the world of work.

“I will be helping young people with everything from careers advice to interview techniques, CVs and understanding the world of work. 

“My role will also be to assist careers leaders and teachers with information about careers and offer support through my business network so that together we can advise young people who are about to step out into the workplace or progress on to further education.” 

Lucy has been partnered with Perryfields Academy, a secondary school in Oldbury, for the 2023-24 academic year.

With monthly meetings scheduled, she will be working with the school to identify and plan actions and events.

She has already started to help the school establish an alumni network so that ex-pupils can help educate, inspire and create opportunities for current pupils. 

Lucy added: “Improving careers education for young people is something I am very passionate about. At a recent Black Country Careers Hub event it was reported that as many as one in six young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are not transitioning from education to employment. 

“This is a huge waste of potential. I want to help young people learn more about job and career opportunities and understand all the doors that the world of work can open. Work not only offers financial rewards but can help young people find a real sense of purpose and belonging. 

“As a recruiter, I hope to be able to connect companies willing to take on graduates, apprentices and school leavers with those looking for work. 

“I also hope to be able to challenge businesses on whether they could do more to give young people opportunities, whether in the form of jobs or work experience. 

“I’m keen to get the rest of the Daniel-Scott team involved too, especially Daniel as he’s a young person who I think students could relate to.”  

The Black Country Careers Hub works will all secondary schools, colleges and special schools in the region, linking them with enterprise advisers. Enterprise advisers are volunteers from businesses and the public sector.

They come from organisations of all sizes and include the self-employed too.

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